Give intelligent and quality data to your stadium viewers

Keep your audience informed with ScorePAD NOW’s up-to-the-minute statistics.


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Wealth of Player and Team Info

Optimize your game scoring. With ScorePAD NOW’s software, you can score the game similar to how you’re scoring now, but generate much more data to present to your audience. We send up-to-the-minute season and in-game statistics to the scoreboard while you score. We generate the following automatically, with very little effort from you:


Situational Stats



Live Leaderboard

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Out-of-town Scores

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Pitch Speed

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You don’t want your audience checking their phones to find the important contextual information they need to enjoy the game. You want them to be fully present to enjoy your presentation of the game. This can happen if you give them the information that they desire to see.


There’s no need to switch out your other hardware and software, our iOS technology connects with many controllers and scoreboards. If they’re not listed, we’re able to adapt to the hardware very quickly and easily.

  • Scoreboards – Daktronics and Mitsubishi
  • Controllers – Click Effects

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Easy to Use

Modern iOS touchscreen makes scoring easy.

Your operators will love how easy it is to score games. In addition to generating more stats, we make it extremely easy to score at bat details, load rosters before the game, and back out of operator mistakes. We take advantage of today’s user interface features to make an enjoyable experience for the operators.


Imagine having the freedom to display the content your audience wants to see. It can be done with this very small upgrade to your system.


Who are we?

ScorePAD Sports has been creating scoring software for 15+ years for MLB stadiums and TV networks. We enjoy pushing the limits for baseball, as we were the first fully automatic baseball stats software available.


Contact Us to Begin

To learn more, Contact Us. Because we’re a small software company, we like to give detailed attention to each client of ours. We only work with a small number of organizations to give each team our best effort. Contact us so we can see how we can work together.